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Greetings! '05 1200s :)

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Greetings! '05 1200s :) Empty Greetings! '05 1200s :)

Post  pvt_holstien on Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:36 am

Hi guys I ride 2005 Bandit 1200S around the mountains of Pennsylvania, I've put 5000+miles on this year on the other motorcycle, a 94 seca II, good commuters both.
anyways I'm mainly joining because I need some help. I gnarled the front end of the bandit last spring and now I'm looking to get it back on the road by next spring. Looking for parts bikes, front ends, and good deals in general.
I love riding this bike, Got it off of my uncle who couldnt get it running, (replaced petcock, problem solved! Very Happy). He got it from my Grandfather who toured the country on it. The bike's got 30k miles on it from those tours, and has now been in the family for 3 generations (3 generations, 30k miles, 5 years. It's been a busy bike)
looking forward to meeting all my fellow Bandit riders, as always a pleasure to see people on two wheels!


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