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New to Bandit, not motorcycles

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New to Bandit, not motorcycles Empty New to Bandit, not motorcycles

Post  VT Biker on Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:45 am

Over the last 50 years, I've ridden for periods and then not for years. After selling my last bike, a Suzuki Cavalcade, I bought a 1998 Bandit 1200S last month. 23,000 miles and in excellent shape. A Suzuki shop mechanic bought it for himself but found a bike he liked better after he had gone through it thoroughly, so I was comfortable buying it from him.

Now, I want to start outfitting it to my likes and needs. Mirrors are tiny and have to go. I'm 6'1", 220# and make a large profile on the bike. Mirrors need to be extend beyond my shoulders so they are actually useful.

Turn signals are pretty small too and I want something that let's the entire world know when I'm turning or changing lanes. Tell me about options.

New helmet is at the top of the list. Ancient Shoei RF200 is about as useful as a Tupperware container at this point.

Top case and hard saddle bags are high on my list. I'm about function, not necessarily style, but when I can combine the two, all the better.

Riding season in Vermont is short and I want to cram in as much as possible before winter sets in. I'm a lawyer in a small town and can come and go as I please, so midweek and midday rides are at my pleasure as long as I'm not wanted in court somewhere [as the attorney, not the defendant].

Introduce yourselves to me and feel free to make suggestions, recommendations, etc. Bad lawyer jokes welcome ["99% of lawyers give the other 1% of us a bad name."]

VT Biker

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New to Bandit, not motorcycles Empty Hi

Post  jemforshort on Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:37 pm

I'm trying to figure how to post in newbies, liked your points on the mirrors, wondering if you have fallen out of love with the bar position yet? I'm 6'5" around the same weight, and am dying from all my wweight on the heals of my palms leaning forward.

If anyone has tried bar risers and knows how much cable is free to rise, let me know.

I have replaced the windscreen with a zero grav, the biggest I could find, best money spent. the mirrors shake so much I don't think it would matter if they are even on there.

I'm on an '03 1200S


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