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Intermittent loss of power

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Intermittent loss of power  Empty Intermittent loss of power

Post  tedsontour on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:45 am

Hi, wondering if anybody has any idea`s?
Bought a 1200 (99) and have had a issue from the start.
Riding it back after about 60 miles it seemed to loose power and appeared to be running on 2/3 cylinders(flat sounding) so stopped and had it recovered.
A mechanic has replaced the coil packs, took off the stubby, and replaced with a 450mm end can and cleaned and replaced all seals and emulsion tubes within the carbs.
Took it out for a run, was a lot better, apart from a single bit of hunting coming out of a roundabout.
Parked it up for a hour, then went out and it was back to square one, hunting and flat, but still running.
It`s like it`s not getting fuel, or something is intermittently braking then working again.
Can anyone help,




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