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too old to be 'new'.

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too old to be 'new'. Empty too old to be 'new'.

Post  oldredracer on Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:17 am

Just bought my first Suzuki on the enthusiastic recommendation of an acquaintance- 1999 1200S Bandit, although I guess it's an N since the former owner 'removed' the front fairing. First eBay purchase of any size too.
Bike is as promised and I really like it.  I'm looking to replace the sprockets (back to OEM) and find a decent headlight/windscreen assembly as the bike has no front fairing. Sprockets are easy. Any recommendations on the headlight?


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too old to be 'new'. Empty sprockets

Post  gixerfixer on Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:35 am

Hi, standard sprockets (15 + 45) wont allow the bike to reach its top speed, 14 tooth front sprocket livens the bike up a bit, and will still do 141 mph if you can find roads big enough...and will also make wheelying easier, not that I'm a fan of wheelies but they can be fun in the right places...I bought a mint '97 1200s with the half fairing, only done 1500 miles from new...changed the front sprocket to a 14 tooth, put a Beowulf can and link pipe on it, and it goes like a rocket...cruising in top gear is comfortable too...having the carbs synchronised next week as they are out of tune, though only really affects tickover and very low revs, but want the bike to be as good as it can be..also changing the standard shock for a GSXR1100L unit, as is stiffer and has more adjustment...only really makes a difference at high speed, but had enough of the bouncing rear end with standard rear improvement is progressive fork springs, and that should be the handling vastly improved...can't fault the engine, usual Suzuki stock...and will be leaving the bodywork as it is..I think the bandit is a good looking bike standard, and I like the half fairing as I used to ride GSXR 750 and 100 and liked having a screen to protect from the wind...had a '98 version of the same bike eighteen years ago and loved it, was sad to see it go when I sold is perfect for British roads with stupid speed limits as they are fun at any located in Poole in having a decent bandit...looked at a real dog for £1450 before buying the mint low mileage one I have now, cost £2295.00 and what a bargain...easily worth more than I paid for it, and with only 1500 miles on the clock is basically a new bike...and much better than the later variants that are too heavy, too slow, and too usual the first models suzuki make are generally the best, and that especially goes for the GSXR range, have owned plenty of oil cooled gixers and they are great bikes, and much quicker than the 90s water cooled shell suit bikes!!
Bandits are easy to work on, fairly easy to ride, quite good on fuel for such a big engine, and there are plenty of spares about...I love 'em.


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