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Post  daveymac55 on Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:20 am

hey hello, I'm not taking bets that anybody will reply here, seems a lonely sad unused place! which is a shame as I'm longing to talk with other bandit riders, Ive had a mental gsxr1100m years ago, frequently scared the shit out of me, hahaha, vance and hines pipe god it sounded sweet! a week ago I finally got my hands on a used 1200n bandit, 1998 model, nice yoshi can on her, but fairly standard so I'm fitting twin headlights, love that look, fitting billet indicators etc. anybody fitted a scottoiler? just that up here in the north of scotland in winter they saturate the roads with this salty shit that eats bikes! if I thought anybogy will chat occasionaly I will add my email address, cheers. happy riding, keep death of the roads, drive on the pavement Shocked


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