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bandit vs souped up sports car

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bandit vs souped up sports car Empty bandit vs souped up sports car

Post  gixerfixer on Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:26 pm

Hi, was at some traffic lights in Poole today, on my way to the quay, the lights changed to green, from red and I pulled away as normal doing about 1500 revs, when a sports car pulled up alongside me, looked like a TVR or something, but bigger, looked fast anyway..he suddenly accelerated, so I let him get about ten feet in front of me then pulled back the throttle on the bandit ('97 1200s) and blew him away, absolutely blitzed him...I should think he was looking at my half faired touring bike and thinking I was easy game, boy was he in for a surprise!! ho ho...was grinning for about an hour after..made a sunny day seem even sunnier!! Good old bandit!


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