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New Bandit rider from NZ wanting advice.

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New Bandit rider from NZ wanting advice. Empty New Bandit rider from NZ wanting advice.

Post  Hurricane on Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:07 am

king Giday fellow Bandit riders
I just purchased a 2005 GSF1200 K4 very tidy low miles runs great. However the previous owner did some mods aftermarket can and K&N filter. My mate who is an experianced rider and has owned many Suzuki models including Bandits Busas ect said it is running slighty rich and is lacking a bit of power because of that. I was told that the 1200s can take an after market can or a K&N filter without the need to rejett, but with having both mods I was told its would need to be re jetted. What should I do? go back to the original filter or what?

Thanks heaps Hurricane from NZ
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New Bandit rider from NZ wanting advice. Empty standard filter

Post  gixerfixer on Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:50 am

Hi, with most bikes you have to change the jetting with a k+n filter, but it isn't worth messing about with...standard filter and a pipe is straightforward and doesn't need re-jetting...running slightly rich is better than running lean, and wont do your engine any harm...if you want to make the bike a bit more lively change the front sprocket for one tooth smaller...the bike will more than likely reach its top speed in top gear, whereas with standard sprockets they don't! Paul


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