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1200 R reg Bandit T Ignition Circuit Problems

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1200 R reg Bandit T Ignition Circuit Problems Empty 1200 R reg Bandit T Ignition Circuit Problems

Post  Albo on Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:16 pm

I have an electrical problem that I cannot solve, I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Went to start my bike and all dash board lights come on as expected, I made sure the engine kill switch is switched to the run position.

Press the ignition switch and nothing happens?

I have checked the obvious and the slightly more complex; all fuses are intact, along with 30 amp fuse in starter relay and battery well charged. All of the relays switch as expected when voltage applied, I have checked the following wiring to and from components with a multi meter as follows;

1. The Diode O.K
2. Neutral switch O.K
3. Starter Relay O.K
4. Starter switch O.K
5. Side stand relay O.K
6. Side stand switch O.K
7. Engine Kill switch O.K

What makes my problem more interesting is as follows, I removed the side stand switch and shorted the mating connector (Loom side) The bike starts
and idles well, I then select first gear, the bike cuts out!

I then made sure I had a good earth connection from the Side stand relay by splicing to a neutral wire (green) and running an earth strap down to the gear

The bike now starts first time and will run when I select 1st gear........ however it will only run in first gear with my shorted side stand switch connector.
As soon as I replace the shorted connector with a working switch the bike won’t start in any gear?

one thing to note my bike does not have a clutch switch fitted. (From new)

I have consulted numerous forums but to no avail, has anyone seen anything similar?

I'm close to taking the stand switch off and running the bike without Smile


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