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damaged shift fork

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damaged shift fork Empty damaged shift fork

Post  conboi on Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:36 pm

I bought 2 b12 engines for 200$ from a bently mechanic who was moving states. he said one engine has top end damage and the other bottom en. and his goal was going to rebuild the bad bottem end engine. he had already began taking parts of the bottom end out to find out what was wrong.

I've never repaired motors but i have access to repair manuals and an old friend down the road who runs a motorcycle shop out of his garage.

with that in mind... if i was to show you these 2 pics coming from the bottomend: damaged shift fork IMG_6756
damaged shift fork IMG_4415

Could you make sense of this mess for me and guide me in the direction im needing to go to get one of the b12s built to run??? What a Face

i can add more info/pics later in the week


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