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Non starting, no sparking Bandit

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Non starting, no sparking Bandit Empty Non starting, no sparking Bandit

Post  Doc on Fri May 02, 2014 10:40 pm

I have an imported Suzuki Bandit 250 that i bought for my son to learn on.  I know a bit ambitious, but did not want him getting bored.
Graet introduction and he was enjoying learning to ride, but then it develloped starting problems, so knowing there were lots of suzuki potential complications, I took it to the Suzuki dealer for a service and tune.  Well they replaced the disc brakes, plugs, filters, oil, etc; but when I went to collect it it still would not start!
Swiss army knife to the rescue, and I tracked it down to a coroded side stand switch contact, by passed that and rode it home.
Now it will not start at all and my son has bought a car!
I have tried replacing cdi box, no change, dismantled bike, and checked all contacts, look Ok.
How can I check the coils?
I have placed spare new plugs in leads 1 & 3 to check both coils, a weak spark to start, but now neither seem to have a spark.  
Before trying to track down replacement coils, is there an avo meter test I can run across the contacts to check them? And in case I conected the wiring harness wrong, which colour wire goes where on left and right coil?  Thanks, if I can get her going again, I will be able to find her a good home.


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