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Hello, Suzuki Bandit Forum !!

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Hello, Suzuki Bandit Forum !! Empty Hello, Suzuki Bandit Forum !!

Post  captbruce on Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:28 am

I'm captbruce,
I'm a fishing guide in Key West, Florida.
(almost 40 years guiding), I'm 65 years young.
I've owned 50-60 bikes, and I work on them myself.
I currently own three. '93 Kawa KLR 650; a '07 Kawa Ninja EX650R, and a '07 HD 1200 Sportster

I just acquired a 2007 Bandit 1250, with 12k mi.
It was NOT running.

The PO removed the PAIR system, and said it surged at low speed, so he removed the airbox and went to pods, that made it worse
so he installed a Power Commander III. and  blew a fuse when he tried to start it, the FI light stays on, so he put it up for sale and after a long while I finally bought it.
The PO was in over his head

Without being too harsh on the PO... He also "Ratted-Out" (his words) the bike to make it look like it was in the movie "Mad Max" or something.

I just thought I'd introduce myself.
The PO is a novelist and said the bike was his artistic statement.
I start "De-Ratting", this Monster. So far I have removed 100 ft. of rusty bailing wire wrapped around everything, and Black Duct Tape used everywhere. There was silicone sealant smeared on the plastics and painted over flat black. What a MESS !!

After days of working on it, I have removed the goop down to the original finish and it polished up good.
Luckily he didn't sand the paint before he started his "Artistic statement". (goo)
After 3 days working on it (only a few hours a day), I discovered the TO sensor was upsidedown (it sent a code) and the #1 and#2 plug leads were crossed.
Now it runs great except it has a low idle (800 or so)
This all happened on a Friday night and I was grinning all weekend !!
I picked the bike up for $500 with a clear Florida title.

I cleaned the IAC Valve.
I installed a resistor, on the PAIR circuit and got the FI light to go off.
I replaced the Fuel Pump relay. it sent a code also.

The bike runs great (except the low idle), and looks  ALOT better, except for the loped off front fairing.

Anyway I am putting the stock Airbox back on and it won't fit into the frame with the TB's in place.
Do I have to remove the TB's ??
I hope not or else it might just stay the way it is now.

Love the bike.
Ride Safe,


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Hello, Suzuki Bandit Forum !! Empty Airbox re-installed

Post  captbruce on Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:41 am

OK, it's Done !!
Stock Airbox installed and secondary Butterflies removed.
2 hours total !! I had to drill out 3 screws on the outside BF's. (2 on the left and 1 on the right)
You could see someone tried to remove then and buggered up the Phillips heads.
I used a new Craftsman #1 Phillips and removed the other 5 "no problem"
I tried to heat the three with a solder gun but finally drilled them.
Now I'll cut open the lid and get the K&N filter.
Much quieter with the airbox.
It almost purrs now.


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