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airbox removal?

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airbox removal? Empty airbox removal?

Post  bandit 1200 on Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:16 pm

I bought a 05 1200s bandit it has 3009 miles on it but had set for five years with a tank.full of gas and thre throttle was stuck and he had let one other guy that was going to buy the bike do some carb work on it and he stripped and ruined two of the f0ur idle air screws and carbs that went with them ! Well luckily mg uncle works at a salvage yard and his boss had bought a old truck that had a mangled unidentifiable bike the onlybthing we could tell was it was a Suzuki and atleast a 1000 so I took the carbs bought new idle aiar screws and switched ny jets over to said carbs got it started but can't get the airbox on them can I get away with using pod filters and do away with stock airbox? Everything else is stock will it work?

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