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Bandits on the roads in British Columbia

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Bandits on the roads in British Columbia

Post  Banditallan on Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:14 pm

Just some photos of a recently concluded trip I make every summer into British Columbia. I used one of my 1998 1200s Bandits and went with a friend of mine who has a 2006 1200 Bandit.
Approximately 2000 miles in a week with tenting etc on the round trip from Calgary onto Vancouver Island and back.
I have posted all the photos from this years trip of the two bikes together at the various places where we happened to stop side by side.

Bandits in the town of Lillooet BC at the Pelton wheel art piece.

Bandits in Kamloops BC at the visitors centre parking lot.

Bandits in Golden BC at the new visitors centre

Bandits just outside of Banff on the Trans Canada Highway

Bandits in the lane at Kootenay Bay ferry landing

Bandits in Osoyoos at the visitors centre

Bandits at Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal in Vancouver

Bandits in the town of Merritt BC

Bandits in Acacia campground at Spences Bridge BC

Bandits at Long beach parking lot on Vancouver Island

Bandits in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island

Bandits in Nanaimo ferry terminal on Vancouver island.

Bandits at Craigallachie on the Trans Canada highway.

Bandits at the junction of Hwy 99 and the Cariboo hwy.

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Post  gixerfixer on Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:20 pm

Hi, same colour 1200s as mine, I have a '97 model...never seen so much stuff piled up onto a bike before...bandit looks well suited for it.
How do you upload pictures onto this site???
Paul UK


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