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2002 Bandit 1200s turns over but won't fire, something simple?

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2002 Bandit 1200s turns over but won't fire, something simple?

Post  mdaily on Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:25 pm

Greetings, I'm new to bandits,but not new to wrenching on bikes.  I run a nonprofit motorcycle ministry called  The bike is in excellent condition, but PO left gas in carbs for about 1 year.  Bike would fire, idle, and run a bit on # 1 and 4 cylinders, but would die when adding throttle.    So I took the carbs off.  Jets were clogged in areas.

Just cleaned carbs very well, put in a new battery, drained old gas, put new gas in.  I'm holding the clutch in and starter switch is on.  Tried to start it on and off the center stand and with the kickstand up and down.  Bike turns over fine , but won't fire.

I really don't think I hooked anything up incorrectly- vaccum and gas lines- I took my time and checked everything.  Also, there's a special electrical hook up on the outside of carb #4.  I'm pretty sure I put it back on the same position I took it does look like it can be adjusted slightly by moving it on those mounting screws.

My best guess is there's and air line bubble preventing a free flow of gas. Float bowl screws are starting to strip and can't get them out.  Got some WD40 on them now.  Might try tomorrow   I went to pull a spark plug and then realized I might need to take the front fairing off to get to the plugs.  Disapointed and done for the day.  

Thought I'd post this in case you bandit gurus know of something real simple/obvious I'm missing.  Thanks.


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