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2001 bandit 1200 problems

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2001 bandit 1200 problems Empty 2001 bandit 1200 problems

Post  homernukem on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:46 am

I have a high idle, popping and a real big dead spot in the rpm range.

I bought this bike a few weeks ago, didn't run right then doesn't now. I deleted the exhaust air thingy, replaced the intake air boots, cleaned the carbs out, replaced plugs, put k&n filters on it, set valve lash, and it has a Yoshi pipe on it.
The idle is as far out as it will go, it still idles at1600 rpm. And it sputters from 4000 rpm to 8 or so.
The compression is
#1 140 #2 95 #3 100 #4 120
The leak down is
#1 3% #2 9% #3 5% #4 29%
Cylinder 4 leakdown didn't change after adding oil down the plug hole, but compression changed to 125. While doing leakdown I could hear air leaking through the carb and through the crankcase, possibly the exhaust as we'll, but it's not installed well and has exhaust leaks

Any idea what could be going on with the power/popping and the compression numbers?


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