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Newbie on Board Finally

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Newbie on Board Finally

Post  HankBedde on Sun May 11, 2014 7:07 pm

Just found this forum and wanted to get on board.  Live in northern IN after moving from Indianapolis.  I ride a 11' GSX1250FA and not much at that. I will be breaking 2,000 next time out so I am a very fair weather rider and have a real bad back so I got rid of my heavy Victory and this is my first sportbike.  I grew up on zukis with a TS-125 Duster and then a 380 3cyl to ride to school and then a break of about 20yrs for marriage kids and the whole story.  Looking for advice on upgrading my bar setup and not sure if I should do the 1" risers or go with the holeshot full touring setup for almost $400 with cables?  I also have been going nuts on reading reviews of cruise controls out there.  I have pretty little blue adjustable levers and holeshot can and that is about it.


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